Our Story

Rute Ribeiro Martins - Tuhkana's Founder

I launched Tuhkana in the summer of 2015 while living in Dublin, Ireland. Born in Lisbon, Portugal and currently living in Chicago, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to experience many different cultures, and I am proud of founding a business that aims to create action for responsible consumption and production.

Adopting a sustainable mindset from the beginning, Tuhkana has maintained its essence and evolved into a more conscious brand. Like me, Tuhkana is a citizen of the world, with a strong Portuguese DNA, but draws influence from experiences all over the world that have shaped the brand into what it is today.

Tuhkana fuses timeless designs, modern fits, and comfortable materials. We aim to make easy to wear, eye-catching suits with an elegant twist. Concern for the environment is central to our mission and to our product. All of our pieces exclusively use sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, showing that environmental responsibility does not compromise product quality, comfort and style.

Tuhkana's products are made to last. In every new collection, our team picks colors and styles that can be easily matched with other pieces. You don't need 10 new bikinis every summer – but you definitely can have 10 different new styles by picking a few new pieces from Tuhkana.

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